24 - Hour Execution Desk

All of our customers have the ability to access our 24-hour Execution Desk for order placement. Our Execution Desk specializes in serving CTAs, institutions, hedge funds and professional traders. Our order specialists have the ability to construct complex strategies, inter-market spreads and orders that need special attention. Our team prides itself in ensuring timely fills and reporting accuracy.

Services We Provide:

Specialized Services

  • Cover more than 300 different products on more than 32 different exchanges
  • Well-versed in foreign markets, all-around markets and specialty orders
  • Provide "call" levels and news alerts
  • Orders are handled via phone or email/Bloomberg
  • Provide bulk order entry via spreadsheets

Customer Relationships

We understand the importance of creating a solid working relationship between the customer and our desk. We manage our customers' information, including authorized trader(s), specific instructions, trader’s requests and contact information on a contact management system. . Knowing our customer is a priority.

Managing Risk

  • Very alert to the risk/leverage involved with each order
  • Understand the time sensitivity of specific orders
  • Automated re-caps including order status are sent to the customer in a timely manner


Our communication with customers allows us to efficiently recognize the customers' needs and  instructions. We understand the importance of having solid communication between the customer and our desk.

Clarity - Desk Setup/Role

Desk is staffed from 3:30pm CST on Sunday through 5:00pm  CSTon Friday

  • U.S. session staffed with seven clerks, three on Asian Shift and two on European shift.
  • Average of 14 years’ experience for the clerks working on our desk

More than Pushing Buttons:

  • Re-capping order status and attention to detail in the allocation process is paramount.
  • Quick access to customer's instructions allows us to become an extension of the trader in fulfilling his needs.
  • Bulk order entry allows our clerks to upload hundreds of orders directly into our trading platforms in less than a minute.
  • Service is "hands-on" -- we are always in contact with our customers providing them with pertinent information.

Feel free to call our order desk with any requests. Our mindset is to use every resource available to provide a hands-on and professional service. 

Meet the Team

Chicago, IL
230 South LaSalle Street
Suite 10-500
Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: +1 (800) 410-7342


New York, NY
230 Park Avenue
10th Floor
New York, NY 10169
Tel: +1 (212) 549-4100


Chicago, IL
230 South LaSalle Street
Suite 10-500
Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: +1 (312) 780-6966

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