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Enrollment closes June 30

Federal insurance programs can help dairy farmers and livestock operations protect their revenues and margins from adverse changes in prices on a quarterly basis. While this coverage is widely available from registered agents, we believe you may get the most benefit from your coverage if you combine it with proven risk management strategies available through StoneX.

Coverage Types

Dairy Revenue Protection Livestock Risk Protection Livestock Gross Margin

Protects revenue from adverse changes in milk prices.

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Protects against adverse changes in the market prices of fed cattle, feeder cattle and swine.

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Protects against the loss of gross or finishing margins due to declining livestock prices or rising feed costs.

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If you don’t have a policy in force with a provider, you can enroll anytime. If you would like to change policy providers, it needs to be completed by June 30th.

Making the Right Decision for Your Operation

Each insurance product above has customizable elements that enable you to suit your coverage precisely to your operation’s needs. For dairy farms, we have developed a DRP decision tool to help you analyze and compare coverage options. Across all products, our risk management professionals can work with you hand-in-hand to assess which coverage options may be right for you.

The StoneX Difference

Pricing, terms and payouts for federal insurance products are the same no matter where you purchase them from. The purpose of each product is also the same, at heart: reduce exposure to price risk. That’s why we believe that purchasing your coverage through professionals who manage dairy and livestock price risk every day can help you choose coverage as part of a larger risk management strategy that can maximize the overall benefit of your insurance expenditure.

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